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Frente Loja Padoca Vegan
Mesa da Padoca Vegan
Milkshake Vegan
Padoca Vegan Restaurant & Bakery

Vegan Restaurant & Bakery

More quality of life and sustainability

At Padoca, we work with the best bakery and catering, providing our customers with a wide and varied menu, from dishes, bakery, cafeteria , savory, to our delicious pastries and desserts ..

Our style is Plant Based and we want to prove that what really matters is to taste and be satisfied with the dish or sweet you have tasted. This means that after all, a vegan diet is super tasty, healthy, ethical and very sustainable.

Burger Vegano
Pastelaria Vegan

Handmade products

Quality and flavor at your fingertips

We work to bring you the best products, always fresh! We produce our pastries, bread and dishes daily.

We developed our products in order to provide the experience of enjoying a 100% vegetable product with the same flavor and appearance as a traditional one.

We make a careful study to choose the best price / quality, making the most sustainable and healthy choices possible .

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