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Born in 2002 as Pão Quente Vila Chã and remodeled in 2017, Padoca has Portuguese-Brazilian roots. Padoca has a wide variety of fresh and tasty products and quality services combined with the best service.

Its history began in the parish of Valadares, Vila Nova de Gaia, Padoca proposes itself as a space for conviviality and relaxation where all the menus presented are 100% Plant Based.

Padoca emerged as a brand that commercialized products of animal origin, as usual. In 2017, a project for a product line that would be called "PadoVegan" appeared. But it was only in 2019 that it gained momentum and began to be disseminated. It had a very positive acceptance and grew more sustainable and ethical guidelines in Padoca.

This growing demand and acceptance of the project developed a 100% vegetal Padoca and in 2020 the two brands merged to Padoca. A Vegan Padoca with a new component, embracing a greater commitment in presenting a restaurant menu.

With the development of our vegan products, we created our own image by presenting them with the same flavor and appearance as the traditional one. In this way, we arrive at our current concept: Vegan Restaurant & Bakery.

We encounter many barriers, both in the structuring of recipes and the respective procedures, as well as in the acceptance of the general public. Our effort culminated in a unique concept, combined with ethics, health, sustainability and quality.

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To provide the best and freshest products and services to all our customers, friends and supporters, combining service with quality, agility, charisma and the attention that our consumer deserves.

Above all, we are committed to ethics. The non-exploitation of animals, products of animal origin and products tested on animals. For us the future is green and that is our proposal.

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