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Padoca is intended as a convivial space, where mornings should bring the comfort and pleasure of a beautiful breakfast to its customers. Leave your mornings with us. Recharge your energy in our space and enjoy our diversity of products at any time of the day.

At Padoca we have the most varied menu for your lunch and afternoon snack. We offer a personalized menu daily with dishes, toast, toast and other snacks made in our kitchen. All these options were developed at Padoca and as such, we made them with great care and all the quality.

Padoca brings in its identity and in its heart some Brazilian specialties .. Every Saturday and Sunday we serve our Brunch Padoca with a more tropical flavor and Brazilian roots. Try our bowls, tapioca, juices, toasts, toast and fruit.

Our concept culminates in some factors that make our products and space very special. All the products we produce are 100% vegetable. But best of all, we sell and advise them as if they were traditional. In other words, we work on standardizing our products, as they are the same as traditional ones, with the same flavor and the same aspect .. But with a very special and important energy and message. Together we work for a better, greener, more balanced and harmonious future.

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